Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Patient Dog Eats the Fattest Bone: Worst Mentality to Avoid!

All hail Alphasoars,

How have y'all been? I guess good. Today, I want to put out my thoughts on the above subject. So much is been said on daily basis about dogs and bones. Inadvertently talking about, Patience and satisfaction to those that understand and those that don't.
It is an agreeable fact that patience is a virtue. It is a virtue that has been looked down on by many people. But I won't go into telling you how and for what reasons it seems to be so but my discuss is coming on the heels of my personal disagreement to the always stated 'fact' that patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Of a truth it is! But on a second thought from my wondering mind, I think is is wickedness to settle for patience in the sight of abundance. Why would you allow your dog wallow in emptiness of the stomach just to wait for you to finish the flesh, the yummy side of the meat? Has the dogs announced that they are patiently waiting for only bones? I think no! They only pick bones which have been thrown away as waste but they never want to take bones in the sight of fleshy food.

In life, people have also been made to think that way - waiting patiently for the last meal instead of reaching forth to 'grab' something for themselves. This set of people have had their thinking faculties washed with bleach and so many detergent that they aught not to press harder to get what they need instead they should wait for 'all to come to pass' and the gathered bones would be accrued to them.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Poem: Reaching The Promised Land

An elder's advice:

I Stand a little Amazed,
When All I do is phaze,
All those shiny promises from my face,
To see through the future like an open lace.4

I stand a little amazed,
When I cross life's perplexed maze,
To view across the blue sea,7
That which my future is eager to see.

I stand a little amazed,
When across the sea, I paced
To rehearse my future's echo
In stanzas of sweet melo'.12

I stand a little amazed,
As I rehearse joyfully, to find,14
Choruses of beauty, that suits my kind,
Leading zealously fast into my promised land.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Repost: Nigeria, The Road Uncharted

My country is still growing. But I wonder if we actually needed growth at this time or something else.
When a kid is born, she is nursed and cared for. Care from parents is for life but at some points there are some certain things that are expected to be seen on and in the life of the growing baby. With these things she will have to loose some of the care of her parents.

Basically at puberty, she grows chest and birth two twins that follow it. She also grows inwardly to accommodate a baby in her. In and Out examined! The important thing about what I've just stated is that they are not just growth or grown but a joint venture of growth and Development.

Bring it home then, can we say that Nigeria is actually adding years with development? Sometimes that question seem to be a personal question demanding personal answers. But all the same, look at HER and give a honest answer.
God has led us thus far in politics, the son of democracy. But I don't seem to see maturity in the way we play politics in Nigeria.

For sixteen years we haven't learned to conduct elections.
For sixteen years we have not come to understand politics as a game that must have a definite winner.
For sixteen years we have not learned to avoid partisanship and ethnic ideologies after elections to come at round tables to discuss National development.
For sixteen years we have not learnt to focus on human development rather than perishable commodities.

Till when should we look inwards and say that we are 60% at it? (Just maybe)

The road uncharted is the road of CHANGE! Now I don't mean the must canvassed but not at the moment attained Change. It is the change that concerns the youth. 
We have been told countless ages ago that the youths are the leaders of tommorrow but we are yet to see the Tommorrow. Development can never be attained in our present state of political recycling. Recycling leaders that has lost all vibes, all forms of present day feelings. We keep bringing leaders into every sector of our nation, leaders who are way backward in their thoughts. It does not matter what he or she has done in time past. Today and Tommorrow aren't the same.
Leaders of today should be installed for true Change to begin.

Happy Soaring!

The Nameless Woman at the Well

All hail Alphasoars . . .

How is the year going abi running at your end? Just yesterday we celebrated the New Year and now we are celebrating the end of January. For those on a white collar jobs, it is always a pleasure to see the 28 day of every month. It brings smilesssss, Hahahah. I know many people can relate very well.

A tired Jesus needed to rest. He has need for food - He is hungry and thirsty. The almost helpless disciples have abandoned him without a company to fetch victuals. He is sitting weary at his great-grand-father's well, anticipating a miracle to himself (Someone to give him water from the well), that's going to be a life saving miracle too.

Someone is already asking me if Jesus actually needed the water to keep fit, have strength, can't he just command supernatural strength?
Well, I don't have your answers yet, let's concentrate!

And within minutes of anticipation, his much needed energy giving food arrives; a soul to feed his thirsty heart for man's eternal salvation. He cannot wait but to grasp this opportunity. He already knew what women want; "Tell me something new and hidden" is always a curiosity spirit that must be satisfied is you want to get to a woman's heart. (Did I reveal a secret?).