Friday, 25 May 2018


In a Swift Reaction;

There dry pen begets ink,
To redirect an obvious link,
That seeks their image,
So clearly to expose their ill rampage.

Classly witted in defending
Their supposed tarnished image,
With inks of the blood of those depending,
On their self destroyed image.

My radio, their talking drum,
They heap their lies-filled drums,
Neglecting to take up their cross
Whose malnourished supporters whisper an applause.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Patient Dog Eats the Fattest Bone: Worst Mentality to Avoid!

All hail Alphasoars,

How have y'all been? I guess good. Today, I want to put out my thoughts on the above subject. So much is been said on daily basis about dogs and bones. Inadvertently talking about, Patience and satisfaction to those that understand and those that don't.
It is an agreeable fact that patience is a virtue. It is a virtue that has been looked down on by many people. But I won't go into telling you how and for what reasons it seems to be so but my discuss is coming on the heels of my personal disagreement to the always stated 'fact' that patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Of a truth it is! But on a second thought from my wondering mind, I think is is wickedness to settle for patience in the sight of abundance. Why would you allow your dog wallow in emptiness of the stomach just to wait for you to finish the flesh, the yummy side of the meat? Has the dogs announced that they are patiently waiting for only bones? I think no! They only pick bones which have been thrown away as waste but they never want to take bones in the sight of fleshy food.

In life, people have also been made to think that way - waiting patiently for the last meal instead of reaching forth to 'grab' something for themselves. This set of people have had their thinking faculties washed with bleach and so many detergent that they aught not to press harder to get what they need instead they should wait for 'all to come to pass' and the gathered bones would be accrued to them.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Poem: Reaching The Promised Land

An elder's advice:

I Stand a little Amazed,
When All I do is phaze,
All those shiny promises from my face,
To see through the future like an open lace.4

I stand a little amazed,
When I cross life's perplexed maze,
To view across the blue sea,7
That which my future is eager to see.

I stand a little amazed,
When across the sea, I paced
To rehearse my future's echo
In stanzas of sweet melo'.12

I stand a little amazed,
As I rehearse joyfully, to find,14
Choruses of beauty, that suits my kind,
Leading zealously fast into my promised land.