Monday, 9 December 2013

World of Global Sales and Money-making (GSM)

World of Global Sales and Money-making (GSM)
Due to advancement in technology, we’ve witnessed tremendous and fast as light kind of civilization. What we see these days amazes us, does not amaze you? It amazes me personally. Since the introduction of the first telephone till now we, I have seen more that dozen multiplied kinds of telephone. Where are these leading us to?
Never bother you?
Apple struggling with Samsung, Nokia having a shift with LG. it has not finished yet, SonnyEricsson battling it out with Motorola. Blackberry contending for grounds with Tecno. More are still on the way. Don’t you believe?

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Between food and Health

Between food and Health
Most people prefer to work from morning till evening without dedicating a single minute to taking care of themselves. Firstly, you must understand that good physical wellbeing is both a combination of timely ability to observe some rules governing your health and also dieting. For you as a parent, the way you nourish your child for the very first six years will determine the ability of that your child to cope with the scorching environment as he grows up. Study on child nutrition have also revealed that a child that didn’t get enough nutrition at early stage will have problems in life which may include but not limited to, low IQ(you know what that means right), slower language and motor development and poorer school performance. Therefore, to avoid these problems adequate care should be taken in given a child a balanced kind of diet. Not excess balanced diet though!
Sugar – a matter that causes heart failure to some at the mention of it. As you mention sugar, what they hear is diabetes. Research revealed that too much intake of sugar dulls the brain. What a discovery! Now you ask questions that requires no answer, what about these children of our rich men? Going by what we see these days among children of so-called rich men in our society, their children are seen to be never doing well individuals. And you, decent parent because of what you see and think, you over feed your children with sweets, yoghurts, chocolate and chicken. Most of these people know about these facts, so they control their children’s intake of these foods and you imitating what you don’t really get to know overfeed your child with excesses.
Energy drinks – I will do justice to this. The time of resting and waiting for lost energy to be regained has gone from our society that every now and then we are always in a hurry. Get me energy drink please! Another research was carried out on these energy drinks taken into the body looking at what constitutes those drinks are, and guess what the finding were. Firstly, they make your heart beat faster than normal. And again they make your blood circulation much rapid. I do not discourage you nor am I sending you to charge the producers to court but to put a check on yourself on when, how many times and at what instance should I take these drinks. Before I move on finally to my last point, I will put this directly to you that, you should not take energy drinks in place of water when you feel that your body is dehydrating. WHY? Because the caffeine contained in this drinks are agents of dehydration! What am pointing at in essence is that they help dehydrate your body MORE!
Exercise – what we take this should be for physical fitness and not for stressing the body. I rest my case!!

Your questions are taking care of in my subsequent posts!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Scholarships are AVAILABLE NOW At Wells Mountain Foundation

Some few days back I posted on issues bothering on those looking for scholarships and where I made you to understand that in few days I will be bringing you updates on available scholarship positions despite the fact that most companies, institutions and organizations that grant scholarships have earlier concluded their scholarship program for the session. As I promised you earlier, there are other organizations that offer scholarships for upcoming scholars.
I am glad to announce to you that a non-governmental organization based in the United States has announced openings for students to apply for scholarships. Wells Mountain Foundation offers scholarships to students from the developing countries mostly African countries to study also in the continents where they will be able to provide the scholarship knowing fully well of the high cost of studying in the western countries.
For further directions on applications, which are now done online, contrary to how it has been for the past years where you apply by downloading the form, filling and posting through a post office. Now you can apply online.
Visit the website at


Before we take a closer study to the effects of partnerships, let’s think through these pieces of excerpts from writes on partnership.
-          When people come together, as a team, there is a build up, synergy is formed and results burgeon. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect.
-          No man is an island of knowledge. We are inherently mutually interdependent. Our weakness is the strength of others and vice versa.
-          The only reason to work in a partnership is to accomplish goals you can’t accomplish separately. The most effective partnership owns a shared sense of purpose.
Through the stereoscope of a great observer, you’ll discover that partnership is the only solution to most of man’s common avoidable frailties. In academia, there are levels of types of partnerships that exist among students. It could be partnerships in studying (study group/mates), partnerships for project work and also partnership for research purposes. A case study on partnering to accomplish a project is the case of the not too popular story from the Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both PhD students at Stanford University working on the Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP). The SDLP’s goal was “to develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library”, which was as well funded through the National Science Foundation among other federal agencies. Their effort resulted in the popular GOOGLE search engine. Partnership is good and a reliable source of achieving a set goal easily. The results or positive effects of partnerships cannot be over emphasized. At whatever level you are in this world, you definitely need a partner to achieve your purpose in life.
On relationships I will without further ado state that except the above subject matter of partnership is understood to the apex by an individual, relationships won’t work for him or her. Relationships are built on networks. Someone puts it this way, ‘your network determines your net worth’. Well I will run a few quick tips on principles of partnerships and relationships.
-          Values. What are your values and how do you value the next person by your side. Check my earlier post, ‘my neighbor’.
-          Purpose. The holy writ puts it this way, ‘can two work together except they be agreed?’
-          Amiability. Once again the holy writ has something to contribute here, it says, ‘a man that has friends must show himself friendly’.
Now, what do you think about partnerships and relationships?

Your questions are taking care of in my subsequent posts.

Monday, 2 December 2013



It’s pathetic to state here according to research that the original and the second hand ………… bear up the same negative effects. Fill in the gap above with Smokers. Since there is no possibly obeyed law that protects the second hand smoker against the activities of these set of individuals.
These people need a thorough check”, a preacher exclaimed as he examines the activities of these groups of persons. Looking at every pack of cigarette that is been sold, you find an inscription “… smokers are liable to die young”, yet millions of packets are sold each day. What confusion? Well this is a penned document by an observant citizen, what could he do then?. There are people as well who might not be in their good thinking minds as they sit down morning till night and inhale these smokes that is said to destroy a non living components of our environment, ozone layer, and they tell us “ I don’t smoke”. What do you think these people really need?
a.       Rehabilitation
b.      Banishment
c.       Imprisonment
d.      Warning
e.      Encouragement
Everyone should have his or her opinion on this. Never bother you?