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First Book Launch. The Portrait

The Portrait
Title series 1

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This book is a fiction; therefore the names, places incidents and characters are products of the author imagination
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Chapter one
It has been a hectic day for the citizens of the country recovering from the shocking strike of the allied force against the city. The riot resulted in the abduction of the city’s mayor.
“Morning sir” Barry greeted.
“Is everything ok?” Mr. Kelvin asked.
“Yes sir” Barry replied “My Gabriel will like to see you” he said.
“Welcome Mr. Gabriel, you arrived early enough” Mr. Kelvin said as he welcomes him to his office.
“Yes mayor, I rushed in with my soldiers for the march” Mr. Gabriel replied.
“Alright, let me see your map” the mayor demanded.
Mr. Gabriel stretches out his hand and hands him over the neatly drawn map for the attacked and total destruction against the allied forces of the southern sea pirates and the drug cartels of san pro vio.
He quickly glances through the map and returns it to Mr. Gabriel. “I need a clean job, and by that, I mean my wife will be back here in this city safe” the mayor demanded.
“I will make sure of that, Sir” Gabriel replied.
“Good morning captain” Felix greeted as he walks closer to his father.
“I’m going to Jane’s home now” he told his father.
“Be sure you are conscious of the environment” his father warned.
“I will” and he rushes out of the house.
The captain moves out and led his soldiers to the battle field while the mayor remained in the city.
#          #          #
Felix had planned his marriage for next weekend before this tragic incidence took place. Jane was in her father’s house when he entered. He touched her backed and she suddenly turns for fear and discovered it was her fiancĂ©.
“Why are you here this morning” she asked.
“You don’t want to see me? I just dropped by to say hi! He answered.
“No not at all, oh . . . look, there’s my mother, she just returned from the city yesterday”. She said.
“Wow, I didn’t know she was your mother ‘cause, I saw her yesterday at the square before those hooligans struck the city” he answered going towards the direction of the mother.
“Good morning ma” he greeted.
“Welcome my son and my son-in-law” she replied. They sat down and talked for a while and then after that went on to the beach.
#          #          #
The soldiers got to the base camp of the allied forces later that even and were confronted by the forces of the sea pirates at the coast of the atlantics. “What do you want from us” they asked.
“Release the mayor’s wife so that we all don’t count the cost of wasting a single precious seconds” Mr. Gabriel replied.
“Not so fast, captain” their leader answers from within as he comes out of his chamber. “You will sign a treaty with us to release our warriors in your prison, and if not, then the mayor’s wife will go for their lives in the next few seconds”. He said smiling.
Mr. Gabriel gave his men signal and they immediately seized their leader and placed him under a count of three and if not he will die. He resisted and flunked aside his two attackers and there was a heavy downpour of gunshots from the pirates’ camp against the soldiers. And the soldiers returned fires as they set ablaze their camp in search of the mayor’s wife. The pirates attacked fiercely that most of the soldiers were wounded. Two soldiers moved to a tight corner of the camp where they overheard a voice. And on getting there it was the mayor’s wife. So they rushed in and untied her and as they came out the pirates’ leader appeared before them with his pistol pointing at them. He shot at the mayor’s wife but one of the soldiers drew her aside leading to the soldier’s right arm been shot and paralyzed immediately.
“Run” they told her. And she runs to the sea and finds a boat tied to a stake and drove out. The pirates’ leader tries to run out to stop her but the two soldiers restrained him and pointed their guns at him. He immediately shot one of the soldiers to death, remaining one of the soldiers standing in front of him in confusion. So he quickly shot the man on the stomach and he immediately shot back at the soldier and fell flat on his face dead. The soldier also fell and died. The mayor’s wife drove through the waves and was double-crossed in the middle of the sea by two boats of armed men. They were the force of the san pro vio. The most powerful and organized drug cartel in the district. They again abducted the mayor’s wife and tied her mouth and put her in their boat and zoomed off to their camp. The soldiers burnt the pirates’ camp and arrested about two dozen of them. But couldn’t find the mayor’s wife during the raid. They immediately took their prisoners to the boat and put them in and drove to the city. On their way they saw the boat on which the leader’s wife was riding in before her abductors took her away. They looked in the boat and found a small piece of long cloth that the mayor’s wife always wears on her outings. They searched through the bushes

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Man had 4 years sentence for killing Usher's 11 year old stepson

The man found guilty of killing Usher's 11-year-old stepson has been sentenced to four years in prison. Last month, a Georgia jury found Jeffrey Simon Hubbard guilty of homicide by vessel as a result of the 2012 Jet Ski collision that took the life of the boy, Kile Glover, and injured a 15-year-old girl. Hubbard was also found guilty of serious injury by vessel, unlawful operation of a personal watercraft and boat traffic violation.
Glover and the girl were in an inner tube on Lake Lanier, just north of Atlanta, when Hubbard ran them over. The boy died about two weeks after the crash. After serving his sentence, Hubbard will spend 15 years on probation for operating the Jet Ski in what the judge described as a "foolish" way, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I'm disappointed that you have not accepted more responsibility for what occurred," Hall County Superior Court Judge Bonnie Oliver told Hubbard.
"He's been remorseful since day one," Hubbard's father, Simon, told reporters, adding that his son had been legally advised not to express an apology earlier. "It's been a nightmare for him for the past two years, and it's probably going to be indelibly etched in his mind for the rest of his life."

The collision occurred in July 2012, but Hubbard – who was a family friend – was not arrested until March 2013 when a grand jury indicted him. His attorneys argued that he tried to avoid the children, claiming the incident was an accident.
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This is a (Cerebrovascular accident, CVA, Cerebral vascular accident or brain attack), occurs when a part of the brain is damaged or destroyed because it is deprived of blood.
There are two main types of strokes: They are (1) Ischaemic and Haemorhagic strokes.
This is the most common type of stroke and is caused by a blockage of blood vessels supplying the brain This may be due to “hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) or by a blood clot blocking a blood vessel.
One type of Ischaemic stroke is a thrombotic or (Related to, caused by or of the nature of) stroke. This is caused by a blood clot or (thrombus) in one of the arteries of the head or neck, which severely reduces the blood flow. Thrombus or blood clot may be a result of a build up of fatty deposits other words called “plaques” in the blood vessels.
Another type of Ischaemic stroke is an embolic stroke. Embolism is a throw in or obstruction of a blood vessel by a foreign substance or blood clot. This embolic stroke (or cerebral embolism), caused when a blood clot that forms elsewhere in the body (for example, the chambers of the hearts) travels through the circulatory system to the brain.
The travelling clot is called an embolus.

HAEMORRHAGIC STROKE:            The most common type of stroke is haemorrhagic stroke. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, allowing blood to leak and cause damage to an area of the brain. There are two types of subarachnoid haemorrhage, which occurs in the space around the brain, and an intracerebral haemorrhagic which is the most common type of stroke which involves bleeding within the brain tissue itself.
SYMPTOMS OF A STROKE:            The symptoms of a stroke usually appear suddenly. Initially the person may feel sick, and look pale and very unwell. They may complain of a sudden headache. They may have sudden numbness in their face or limbs, particularly down one side of their body. They may appear confused and have trouble tackling or keeping or understanding what is been said to them. They may have vision problems and trouble walking or keeping their balance. Sometimes a seizure of feet or loss of consciousness occurs. Depending on what function the damaged part of the brain had, a person may lose one or more of the functions;
Ability to perform movements – usually affecting one side of the body; speech; part of vision; co-ordination; balance; memory and perception.

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Alphos and the Computer Wizard

Alphos:                        Good morning Sir.
Computer Wizard:      how are you today Alphos.
Alphos:                        Am fine Sir.
Computer Wizard:      so what brought you to my computer centre today?
Alphos:                        Sir, are you a computer wizard?
Computer Wizard:      yes that just my field. I treat computer like no man business. I am a lecturer in youmeyou Computer University, you understand?
Alphos:                        do you believe yourself Sir, as computer wizard?
Computer Wizard:      yes!
Alphos:                        can you defend this now?
Computer Wizard:      yes!
Alphos:                        hope you wouldn’t mind I’ll like to know a few things from you?
Computer Wizard:      alright go ahead.
Alphos:                        what is a computer sir?
Computer Wizard:      it is an electronic device that accepts data and manipulate on them.
Alphos:                        okay, but that answer is not satisfying, I’ll manage it though but if this computer accepts data and manipulates on them without producing information, has it fulfilled its purpose?
Computer Wizard:      No!
Alphos:                        then you missed it and I caught you on that one. Next question Sir. Someone that writes is called a writer and a person who publishes is a publisher. One who types is called what.
Computer Wizard:      (thinks for a moment) a typewriter!
Alphos:                        caught you again no. 2. You didn’t get the answer. The answer is a typist. Typewriter is a machine. Data are transferred in ……………..
Computer Wizard:      flashers, compatibility diskette aka CD, external hard CD and so on. I can list them up to hmmm, in fact they are more than numbering.
Alphos:                        firstly, you talk barbaric. And secondly you failed beyond notice. Before I explain let me make some corrections. Flash drives and not flashers. Compact disk not compatibility diskette which is CD. External hard disk and it is not hard CD. Take note. Transferring of data in your system is beyond your observance and it is done in bits or junks, the materials listed above are used to store these data. Can we move ahead?
Computer Wizard:      have a little headache, tomorrow please. Let me ask you this last question, what is HTTP.
Alphos:                        Simply hyper text transfer protocol.
Computer Wizard:      now you see how you failed it.
Alphos:                        how Sir? (Looking confused)
Computer Wizard:      you put s, that is ‘SIMPLY’, while there was no s’
Alphos:                        good day sir, I think you need HTTP.
Computer Wizard:      which is?

Alphos:                        hyper tension treatment plant.