Friday, 17 October 2014

Stand Up Port Harcourt with DJ Smart Don

It’s the 3rd edition of ……
Stand Up Port Harcourt with DJ Smart Don
Music by:Phyno, J Martins, Runtown, Jaywon, RuffCoin, BulkWild, Muma Gee, etc
Comedy by: Senator, Prince Hezekiah, Monkals, Pencil, Dan D Humorous, Rugged Pastor. 
Special appearance by top Nollywood actors, CoolWazobiaInfoFM family, etc. 
Sunday 2nd November 2014
@Osiss Event Centre, Rumuigbo RD off Rumula by RIVCAS .
#4pm (Red Carpet)
5pm show starts
Pass: 2k, VIP 5k, 50k Table for 4
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Veni, vedi, vici 1

My post headline is a statement that is been quoted in many areas of the world, thus; I came, I saw and I conquered. The statement was made by Julius Caesar in the year 47 BC after conquering Britain in one of his campaign with Pharnaces II of Pontus in the city of Zela.
For some good number of my subsequent, I will be talking about the world’s most respected achievers who made this statement, maybe not literally but they conquered their environment. You will as well get to know their achievement pattern and see if it will work for you too.
Let’s begin.
Henry Ford, Henry Ford was born on July the 30th in the year 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan, United States of America and died April 7th, 1947 at the age of 83 years. He was married to Clara Jane Bryant.
Ford was an industrialist. He came to this planet earth and he saw many disorganized chips, iron ores, steels and rubbers completely separated from each other. Then he conquered their diversities and differences and brought these materials together to develop the first automobile.

Friday, 10 October 2014


The stoics, almost opposite to the epicureans are people who seem indifferent or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure or pain. This theory was first put forward by Zeno of Citium in earlier 3rd century BC.
The stoics teach the development of self control and fortitude as means of overcoming unpleasant events or destructive emotions. The teachings of the group is solely based on developing ethics that counter the present circumstance of an individual
As I earlier wrote on the epicureans, there are people who are readily embracing this theory on daily basis directly or indirectly through their lifestyle.
There are people who live an indifferent kind of life, not been moved by the present circumstance of things.
You can imagine someone just put to birth and many people are happy, rejoicing and putting up things for celebrations but the stoic will be somewhere watching, FEELING NORMAL. The case is manifested by this group of persons on various occasions, even in bereavement. You can do the research on your own and find out that where there is a burial ceremony going, someone there will just feel normal without being moved for whatsoever reason. Not all though, but majority.

Where do you stand?
A stoic or an epicurean.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Register For The Nigerian Army Recruitment Of The 72RRI, Ending October 18, 2014.

72RRI Enlistment steps

Step 1 Purchase PIN: Buy Voucher Online or from any branch of the designated banks.

Step 2 PIN Registration: Enter your Voucher Serial Number and PIN and click Next button.

Step 3: If your PIN is valid, select your preferred Application Category and create an account on the portal.

Step 4: Complete the Application form and Print a copy of your form. Note: You can log in to the portal at any time with your Serial Number and Pin. Make sure you retain your voucher.

Step 5:Visit this website to confirm if you have been shortlisted for the Pre-Screening Examination.

Step 6:Take part in the Pre-Screening Examination on 1st November 2014 at the centre you had chosen when completing the application form.

Step 7:Visit this website on 13 November 2014 for the list of successful candidates for the Zonal Screening Exercise.

Step 8:Take part in Zonal Screening Exercise on 15 November 2014 at the designated Zonal Centres for your state of origin.

Click here to JOIN THE ARMY!

Culled from the Nigerian Army Website.

The bitter sweetness of egg plant

On some of my previous posts, I have examined some life giving fruits such as banana, guava, where I made you to understand their nutritional values and their help to body building. On today’s topic, I will be exposing to you some hidden benefits we could derive from the eggplant that we see all around, enjoy.
The egg plants are member of the nightshade family of plants popularly known by their scientific name of aubergines. As vegetable they serve for nutritional benefits as they are rich in good amount of magnesium, copper, niacin, fibre, manganese and vitamins.
Egg plants are vegetables with low calories, helpful for those who want to lose some weight and can be added to food source due to its low calorie content. A breakdown of nutritional content of eggplant shows the following; water 75.8g, carbohydrate 4.7g, protein 0.8g, niacin 0.5g, vitamin B6 0.1, vitamin c 1.8g, calcium 7.4g, potassium 189g, sodium 1.6g, magnesium 11.5g, manganese 0.2, total fat 0.2g, dietary fibre 2.8g, vitamin k 2.8mcg and folate 18mcg.
Its benefits to the human body could be seen as underlisted;


There are people who follow the teaching of ancient philosopher with name Epicurus. The teaching is mainly centered on Pleasure. Epicurus stood on this theory between the years 307BC and was also an atomic materialist.
This philosophy is anchored on two facts (1) obtaining pleasure through freedom from fear and (2) absence of bodily pain. This is mainly based on attaining a state of the mind termed PLEASURE.
Although the man Epicurus seems not to exist this day as a person, but there are many who are directly or indirectly embracing the teachings of Epicurus by their intermittent or continuous lifestyle of ‘enjoyment’.

What I think-
Through science, the act of pleasure seeking seems to be the driving force towards every applied knowledge to get a product for man’s use. Despite this fact I still maintain that freedom from fear and bodily pain remains elusive for individuals who are always on the verge of eating themselves out on every income they get. This to me is on the basis that the epicureans’ kind of lifestyle leads to unwanted ends.
Firstly, it leads to a life full of frustration. This could be seen where one spends all he’s got to satisfy his pleasures and at the end of the day ends up at the level where he started.
Another result of this kind of lifestyle is that, the individual is bound to fall victim of misfortune unprepared and finally, they (the epicureans) tend to let opportunities pass them by in order to avoid stressing their bodies.

Now what do you think