Saturday, 29 November 2014

Huuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy. . . And Its One Year of Blogging

Yessssss, and to day Alphasoars Blog is one year old. (looking at the milkish teeth and touching it). yeah, like seriously?
November 29 witnessed my first post on blogosphere. Though i came newly to this village, i have seen quite a number of things around, met a few number of persons, got inspired by some great minds. Yes i made it, NO, you did it, yes you reading all my posts. I wanna appreciate you guys very wonderflously because if not because of YOU, i for don stop this blogging thing teyyyy teeyyyy. No be now. I will be wondering, why will i write and there is nobody out there to read, men its a lot of crazyness. But despite my inadequacies and some blunders i make here you still come around to read all my posts. Bless you...*Pastor mode.

and few colleagues in this village that inspire me. Duru is one. I met him recently and his team of confused minds somewhere in this village figuring out where they come from and where they are going especially as it concerns our daily EMOTIONS and ASPIRATIONS.
Yeah, before i forget, i gat a story about the name Duru. yeah, the first time  i landed on YnC, i looked back (literally). why? because i couldn't forget so soon what ma mama did to me when i was a kid 'cause of Mr. Duru in my village. Listening? for the story? Don't worry i'll tell you that story, God willing.
Sam Idongesit is also one in a million, thanks man. I really appreciate your zeal as an IT Wizard trying to put one or two things in place and in so doing inspiring me. You too much.
Kind greetings to Mr CY, alias Mr. Lecturer, my former Manager and special greetings to Richard Adoge, peace Johnson, Ahaba Godwin, Chimburuoma ogbom you guys are a blessing, thanks a lot. Special thanks to Almighty God for this blog.

Keep reading, keep visiting and hey don't rush out of here without commenting, lol.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Poem: it was midnight

It was midnight when you said it was over
And I told you, you are a loser

It was midnight when you conformed to your inadequacies
And I told you, you took an absurd delicacies

It was midnight when you opted out
And I told you, you are counted out

It was midnight when you counted your loss
And I told you, you have embraced a fatal lot

It was midnight when midnight when you said goodbye
And I told you, you just passed by

It was midnight when you wasted
your muscle
And I told you, you are doomed for prominent tussle

It was midnight when you cried
And I said you lied

It was midnight when you wasted in pleasure
And I told you, you wasted priceless treasure

It was midnight when you said, it will be dawn
And i told you, it is done!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Haven’t Times Changed???

On Alphasoars Checkpoint today and also subsequent other post on our Checkpoint section, I will be discussing salient issues that tends to becloud the mind of youths. The series are going to cover some predominant issues in our lives as youths ranging from sexual affairs, drugs, friendship and marriage.
These series of discussions are largely going to be based on a book I read some three years ago and I just picked it up to go through it again and it just clicked into my head that I should share stuffs with you guys. The book is titled Straight Talk To Youth (Breakin’ Out) and authored by a renowned Australian speaker, Bill Newman. The book is readily available at most prominent libraries or Christian bookshops around. So I urge you to grab a copy and find out all you need to know as a young person.
I know most of us Alphasoars at a point in time in our lives have asked this question on certain occasions over and over again, Haven’t Times Changed? Today’s discussion will be based on premarital sex, so grab a cushion, a chilled ice cream and ‘chillax’ and lets discuss.
Premarital sexual relationship is that relationship which exists between two people of opposite gender, who have not publicly taken the marriage vows which is associated with sexual affairs. We see this relationship around us at every corner of the street. Now I know the question that might be going through your head, ‘why discussing this?’, ‘Any special thing in it?’, ‘Anything wrong with it?’. In the past decades, it will be an abominable act to see two young people cuddling on the street. Not even only cuddling, but I have witnessed what is been done to ladies on trousers. They are been regarded as those who are not part of the society and most time stuffs are been thrown at them while kids take the pleasure to sing some annoying lyrics at their backs. Haven’t times changed? And strictly on my opinion I want to say ‘No’. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

whats next on Alphasoars!!!

I want to really beg for pardon for my inconsistency in posting which is due to some uncontrollable circumstances which I know I will get over soon.

On my upcoming post, I will be discussing some issues that bubbles on our mind as youths.
The subjects are going to include discussions on sex, marriage, drugs and friendship. Don't miss out on any of these.

Soar high!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

POEM: To The Nigerian Youth

Its been a while a last shared a literary creation, a poem. And now, i am bringing this forward to us. Please, understand the tone.

READ . . . .

Why do we slumber
failing to take our place in the number?
Is it because of hunger,
that we refuse to ponder?
Failing to mine on the resources of the nation
with regretful illusions?
Why do our youths roams,
'cause of the emptiness of the home?
Why do youths fail to pursue education,
'cause of the good economy of the nation?
Why do youths play politics in education,
Is it because of the 'pay' in persuasion?
O, how i hate these characters with passion,
Loving them with face of confusion.
The Nigerian youth have failed to obey!!!
What have we failed to obey?
The voice of the leader,
that calls us through our basic reader.
The voice of the wise,
that directs us in paying the price.
The voice of our elders,
that denies us the feeling of the weather.
The voice of our instructors,
that beckons on us like the conductors.
The voice of our mothers,
that pleads until we surrenders.
The voice of the our fathers,
that pushes us away, into the ladder.
The Voice of our national leaders,
that encourages us to become the future leaders.
Oh, Nigerian Youth why waste
when we can, with haste
observe what we paste
on our future as we reach out to the peak.
Why have we put our sight on shadows,
internet image
not minding the meadows?
Is it because of the pride,
that we couldn't hide?
Why do we trust in failed models,
that leads us like fooled mules?
Why do we trust in frivolous models,
that wast energies in fake markets?
Why do we trust in fainting models,
that promises us future on mirage?
Why have we with hast neglected the faithful masters,
who have with great zeal,
taken thousands to the top,
who we might follow to get to that spot?
Oh, Nigerian Youth!
I call you to surrender,
lay down your wills and forget the slander.
I call you to run as the race intensify,
shake off your shackles and mortify,
that which makes you not to qualify,
and we at the end of the day, will magnify,
HIM and those that have granted us,
the access to the APEX!!!