Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Investments

All hail alphasoars!! How has the soaring gone?
We are on Checkpoint section today. Let's soar . . .
It is worthy of note and to understand that we humans are made up of quite different things in each one of us, I mean, ideas, tastes, choices and values. How we put our ideas together, discover our tastes, harness our choices on the right path and balance our values in our lives make up who we are. Today we are doing investments.
Our style of doing things at times determines whether we will carry out certain things that help us to grow in life. And so is the aspect of investing. Most persons do not value the talk of investment because they care much about 'living for now'.

It is said that the poor eat what they have and the middle class save what they got and the rich invest what they have. Having physical cash does not entail you are wealthy in a more comprehensive sense. It only means you are rich (money wise). To be wealthy has to do with the proper cordination of your whole person in the right dimensions, financially stable, emotionally balanced, mentally strong, intelligent and wise in family setting, Healthy, socially healthy as well with proper stand in other areas.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I Forgot

All hail Alphasoars!
How has the soaring gone. Nice having you guys around and mostly fellow bloggers, checking up on us Just last week, our next door neighbour Duru, the YnC Captain celebrated Two on blogger and in such a steady ride. We at Alphasoars Blog congratulate you and pray more wisdom to write. Once again congarts to the YnC Captain and the awesome gang of Wisdom.Thanks Gloria of www.trendwithgloria.blogspot.com for checking up on us.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Everything Goes . . . Part I

All Hail Alphasoars!
 Happy new month everyone!! How has the soaring gone. It's been a while since our last post in here. Today I don't have a post title because I want to just go everywhere now and say a few things and after mine please do me small judgment and use the comment box and talk to me about a few things - from any angle.

Firstly, I had earlier published a post, Is Change Desirable?. When I ponder on some things that happen in our country today, i remember that post. Either whichway, I became a Prophet because in all there was a change of government in our country after that time which took place 29th May, 2015. But I never stop asking myself, is change desirable? I know if I get into this, someone might say i am been too quick to judge, so I will wait till i can JUDGE, lol.

And again my ever curiosity leaves me with no choice than to explore all media available at my disposal. So this time it was on a radio station in Port Harcourt. I was listening to this radio and it was time for students to ask questions and guess what a student ask. At first he was trying to get the presenter put him off air but the presenter refused with explanations and he said, 'please...., i want to apply for a university in the North, i hope there will be no harm if i do that, based on what i am hearing from Radio Biafra'. Oh well the presenter said no problems and I said too, No problem. But we all have our part to play, Love Your Neighbour!

In other news, America recently legalised gay marriage. It came as a shocker to me that at the end gay people have equal right with every other person. It is absurd biko. How can that be? It shouldn't be (Here I can pass my judgment with every authority in me). One of the black President went controversial with it on social media last week. But he said something i really love, 'Even Satan wasn't gay, he chose to approach Eve and not Adam'. People feel it is a great development. I beg to disagree with you that feel everybody should be given freedom to do whatever they wished with their bodies. It is against God, it is against humanity.
The Bible said something, you care to read Romans 1:20-32. And we are believing as world power controllers, they (America) might influence other countries even African countries to do same.

Okay spill yours and you can comment on mine as well!

Part II coming soon!

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Happy Soaring!!!