Monday, 27 February 2017

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Nigeria's Telecommunication Networks: A Nigerian's Story

To begin this discuss, I will like to draw your attention to these two important quotes on telecommunication.
"Leadership in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce" Michael Oxley

"Smart businesses do not look at labor costs alone anymore. They do look at market access, transportation, telecommunications infrastructure and the education and skill level of the workforce, the development of capital and the regulatory market" Janet Napolitano.

Telecommunication is an advanced form of communication. It involes the transfer, dispersal or diseminating of information in a more effective way by means of applied science - Technology. The world has evolved in a great extent to this regards. Many methods has been used in different manners from the stone age, to the bronze age and on and on until our later centuries discovered science and applied it to its simplest form in terms of communication.

Time will fail to fully outline the positive effect of telecommunication to man. It has aided communication in terms of speedy spread of news/information, cost of communicating information to those miles away, bridging the gap between the different classes in a society.
The Nigerian case has not totally been a different case altogether.

All thanks to Chief Obasanjo under whose distinguished leadership, the country witnessed the introduction of Mobile GSM.
It helped us communicate with our friends, neighbours and business associates who are far away from us. The system has evolved in many respites including but not limited to cost of purchase of Mobile phones and the Subscribers Identification Module otherwise called the SIM card and also the advent of many other telecommunication networks.

This article is specifically about the services rendered by these telecommunication networks. To the average Nigerian businessman, the mobile phone is a tool by which transactions could be initiated and sales or further contact established. Therefore bringing into mind the above quote by Janet N. describing that limitations put on labour in time past is no longer the best approach since there are other things to be considered of which telecommunication is also of utmost importance.

Michael Oxley from his expressed thoughts above could be saying nothing lesser than that the competition that exist among telecommunication networks is healthy since they are striving to be among the leaders in the industry but these quest among those in Nigeria has not been effectively managed. This is especially as it has endangered effective communication among individuals and business groups.

We are now in the period where consumers' satisfation is secondary!

We are now in the period where communication is based on the amount of money in your pockets.

We are now in the period where your account balance can be frequently stolen from by operators without remorse.

We are now in the period where operators SUBSCRIBE a customer to secret operations where their hard earned money is dutifully deducted on daily basis without notice.

We are now in the period where operators use the monies recharged by aged women in the rural areas without notice who might not be learned in knowing what frivolous packages has been subbscribed upon them forcefully.

We are now in the period where operators sale your identity (number) to online marketters to start sending you promotions unannounced. Whatever happens to consumer privacy policies!

I have been customer to some of our most recognised operators, consuming their services and I had to, at the long run quit some of them for some of these activities.

I left the MTN Network for unwarranted deductions they always carry out on my line of which when I call the customer care, the reply I always get is "we cannot do anything about".

I left Etisalat Network some years back for always disturbing my peace with promotions and unsolicited SMSs. This happened before the advent of the code invented by NCC to stop some of these SMSs. Where was NCC years back.
By popular believe, parents come before their children. By this, the Federal Government and the NCC are to be parents to these operators referring to them as our children. Why then did we witness the frivolous activities of these network providers (children) before the eventual manifestation of their parents (the FG and NCC).

Another annoying fact is the absence of effective customer care among these operators. When you call the network provider's customer care line, they keep giving you adverts and all sorts for almost 50 minutes and at the end they give you option to either by any means serve yourself through the recorded messages or hang up.

The Airtel network is the only one which has an outstanding record in this aspect.

When you put the customer first in every form of business you do, the market strength will never diminish. It is a fact!

Gain above customer satisfaction will always lead to business downturn!

Please I want to plead with our network operators to always consider the customer in trying by all means to deliver effective service. The networks I mentioned here are not the only operators with a bad service record in any aspect but by this, you as a network service provider should know that the Nigerian populace is Onyokomitaring you.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Please Come in Here, Lemme epp you!

You that be going to church to give #20 as your offering for a whole week while you recharge daily with #500 and at the weekend took your girlfriend to Kilimanjo.
Please your deliverance is urgent because the demons that weh torment you in hell are seriously dancing azonto!

You that weh not read your holy book until worship day but weh go and buy newspaper every blessed day to find where they snap naked ladies and put. Sorry to inform you, satan is seriously preparing your cane at Bermuda.

You that weh not answer your name, not even your father's because it your local language name. Please be informed, your ancestors are seriously taking note.

You that have trained three girls at the university while you sit in house with incomplete O'level result and you are happy.
Please come here now, am suspending other prophecies for your sake.
Yours needs urgent attention!
Please come!
Now turn and face the congregation!
Put your hand on your chest!
Taaa remove that left hand there!
Put your right hand!
Not raise your left and repeat after me!
My father my father, every where my name has been taken to just to make me mumu for life, now catch fire, catch fire! Amen!

You that have not called your mother for the past two years because she does not have phone while you just ordered for gold customised iphone 7 for your girl.
Your village witches are really strong, they've almost sold your destiny.

You that have more than four thousand friends on social media and still, you weh not chat with any when you come online. Your deliverance need seven days dry, please visit the prayer warriors for assistance!

Happy soaring!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense –1

By Alex Otti

Credit for the title of today’s column is to no other person than the late King of Afro beat music, the Abami Eda himself, Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, also known as Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Those who are old enough would agree that Fela, who died 20 years ago, was not just a philosopher but a crusader and revolutionist. In this 1980 song, Fela insists that everything one does must have been taught by someone. At birth, the teachers are the parents, and by school age, the teacher is the school teacher while at university level, the teacher becomes the lecturer. When one gets done with school and begins to work, Fela argues that the teacher becomes the government which can also be called the society. What is taught, according to Fela, is a function of Culture and tradition.

Virtually all the countries of the world have got its teaching right based on their culture and tradition except African countries.
He believes that is the reason we have problems with governance in Africa because our governments ignore our culture and tradition in administering our countries and instead learn other people’s culture and tradition. This is also the reason, he continued, we adopted the colonial democracy model which he called “dem all crazy” and “demonstration of craze” According to him, demonstration of craze brought about corruption, mismanagement, stealing, inflation, election rigging and the new one called “austerity measure” that made him laugh. He laughed at ‘austerity measure’ because the rich steals from the poor and forces the poor to tighten their belts to pay for the former’s profligacy. He believes the white man taught African leaders the wrong things and actively encouraged them to misgovern their societies. Since Fela is not in the same category with those that have been taught the wrong thing, he warns the teachers not to attempt to teach him nonsense.
Today, we are going to look at teaching or better still, education and how seriously we have addressed that subject in Nigeria. We will also like to situate education within the context of the myriad of problems we are grappling with and how qualitative and ‘quantitative’ education can help liberate our youths from the shackles of poverty and hopelessness.
As a point of departure, I completely agree with Fela that whatever we do, we must have learnt. Think of a new born baby. It starts learning how to eat from liquids through semi solids to solids. The child learns how to crawl and subsequently how to walk and run. The first set of teaching happens in the home. Where the parents devote a lot of time to teaching their children, they turn out to be better children than where the parents had little or no time for them. Of course, this is the rule. Just like it is said, to every rule, there is an exception. The rule, however, is that good parental upbringing is synonymous with good behaviour in children and vice versa. Any situation that does not conform to this principle is an exception. Parents must, therefore, pay attention to the kind of examples and training they give their children particularly at those early formative stages of their lives. It is often said that man is a product of his environment. A tardy environment would naturally produce a tardy human being.
Beyond the family is the early school setting. This would include nursery school which is not available to everyone particularly the majority brought up in the villages. The officially recognised and generally acceptable early level education is the primary school. For most children, the primary school defines their basic encounter with education. Most kids take their bearing from their primary education. Habits get formed from here.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Maximizing 'The One'

This piece might be a bit lengthy but I promise you a nice read and you will be glad you did!
When Charles Babbage and Alan Turing were trying to conceive the 'computer idea', I think what was in their mind was something like:
1. Something that could make work easier
2. Something that could multi-task
3. Something that could establish an outcome very easily, very fast and accurately and other reasons we at this time might try to conceive.

At the end of the day, taking a closer look at the modern computers we have now, I believe the idea has been fruitful. We now have computers that compute figures (even much heavy figures) easily and fast.
We can also work on the computer on different things at the same time, like, communicate with other users on a network while working on a project on MS-word or on the internet, wanting to search for informations but you must download a video of about 10gb. You start the download and close or start another page to search for your informations.
But again, there are computers that cannot multitask at same time, I.e. you must do one thing at a time. Such computers could be our everly useful calculators or the wrist watch.
So many things are responsible for these limitations on a selected computers and they are not in any way lesser than what a computer is. And as well they were not built by chance or accident but by purpose to serve a specific function.

The Bible in Matthew the twenty fifth chapter and verses forteen through twenty nine has a human application to what I have earlier explained about the computer. Been a curios reader of that holy book will prompt you to observe a line that I shall highlight. It is in verse number fifteen and in the middle of it, " every man according to his several ability..."
The story reveals that three persons were called and talents were delivered them. To each one of, a distinct and different amount of talents was awarded to them. Another thing I found there was the fact that the master never give them any specific instruction as to When, How and Where to trade the talents, but they were left to themselve to decide but to make sure that they were not idle when the master returns.

The story tells what happened at the end of the day. But there are salient facts that I think is worth considering:
1. You are different from every other person. Like the master of those servants did in given each one of them a specific number of but not same talents depicts that they weren't same. They are human beings quit sure with a totally different 'built in' characters. So there was no way they are going to receive the same measure of goods/talents.
Like the computer I explained earlier, they make work easier, produce results faster but not all computers produces hard form of result and not all can perform two function at a time. We see lots of people each day living with what I call delusionary+imaginary regrets. They always see the good in others and wants to do that same thing they find in others despising 'The One' in them.

2. Everyone of Us is got talent(s). Whether it is with an 's' or not, we all have got talents in us. Oxford Dictionary tells us that talent means "A natural ability (built in) to do something well".
Like popular milk brand in Nigeria will say, "It's in you". In everyone like a natural ability to do a particaular thing well. It behooves on every human to find that thing in you that you can do well. You can sing well. You can write well. You can act well. You can teach well. You can 'care' well. Find it! It is in you.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Blogging; The Intrigues!

Blogging as an act of sharing information on the internet through different platforms has eased writers the stress of going to the printing press to have their daily, weekly or monthly journals published. Internet blogging has helped individuals garner a wider readership worldwide without spending much or nothing at all. And this applies specially to those who have the flare for writing. Though writing is an art that could be acquired, nurtured and developed but still there are those who find writing as a normal routine, a part of their life and they find writing and blogging 'exceptionally easy'.

By age thirteen, I have written three books. A journal titled 'See the World', analyzing my environment as I see it and the two other were stories. The worst, they never saw the light of the day. Then 2012, I heard about blogging through a social media platform. Then I quickly grabbed my pen and scribbled the web address Whatever SOARING and FLYING got to do with me, I don't know. I JUST FELT I COULD FLY!

Due to immaturity and all, it died as it was birthed. Later on, I got hold of a band new lappy. It spurred my writing passion once again. Within three months of handling the system, I had composed about twenty poems and four short stories. The process to bringing my writing to the world was once again cut short due to malware and malfunction. The only word was "TOTAL FORMAT". Then again, my writing was lost.
Fast forward to "13, I decided to enter internet by force, lolz. I went from different blogging platforms to the other.