Monday, 13 March 2017

How to Cure a Deficit Relationship

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I describe a deficit relationship as one that has lost the touch of passion or completeness that has previously been visible. It is a relationship that has lost the act of 100% reciprocity. One in which one or both parties feel shortchanged and wish to break up or discontinue with the relationship.

From the foregoing a deficit relationship could possibly be termed one which is far from been called a normal relationship. And there are many things that can lead to abnormalities in a relationship. I will list a few below.

1. Seeing less of what you expect. John bought a beef sausage roll. He took it home having known that in a beef sausage roll, he will find beef enclosed in baked flour. He unwraps what he bought for a quick bite and on taking the first bite, he watered it down with a soft drink. On having the second bite, he realised that he has been short changed by the company that made the suasage roll in that he could no longer find beef enclosed in the baked flour.
By careful examination he found out that the company only added beef to both ends of the sausage roll and nothing was inside.

Hehe, I've succeeded in making someone salivate already, lols.

Like the sausage roll, some individuals apply what we could call 'packaging' in their outward appearance thereby deceiving the next person. And when they have gone through a short while together the other begins to notice that what was presented to her/him was false and not really the person behind the presentation, he tends to withdraw from the relationship.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

On Who Lies the Weight of a House?

The Engineering profession is one of the oldest professions. It has never outlived its viability. It is a profession that has in it's entirety taken care of man's every need.
Shelter is adequately catered for by the civil engineers.
Food is one of the basic needs of man and adequately covered by the agricultural engineers.
Another area of need is clothing, and the material engineers are working seriously in that regards to provide clothing using available materials and going ahead to manufacture and use synthetic materials in the same direction.

One thing about our Engineers is their ability to quickly count the cost of a thing before going into work. Taking for our consideration, The Civil Engineers, they determine the position, strenghth and weight of any building to be erected. They take adequate care in determining the type of foundation to be giving to any type of building to be erected. They do this by meticulously taking measurement of the weight of every thing that will be in the house when it is finished, such as the chairs, beds, wardrope, furniture and even human beings.

When the weight is determined, it helps them put up a proper and strong foundation that will not collapse in the nearest future.

Have you taken a closer look at man, or even the creation story in its entirety. The Civil engineer (God) took consideration for every thing that need to be in the world (animal, tree, sun and others), he needs to lay a foundation to hold all these. And yes He did.
The foundation (man) was laid by creation. Man was created to bear the weight of the world. He determine how long he wants every thing to be by not collapsing.

As a man reading this, am talking to you. There are certain things that you shouldn't neglect.

1. Realise that you are the foundation of every thing around you. You are the head. This entails that you must take charge of your every activities on daily basis. Never neglect the power to wield change in any area you find wanting.

2. In building relationships, the success of it all lies in the palm of your hands. This is as the number of years a building stays depends on the number of years the foundation is able to carry it. Always remember that the foundation we are talking about here refers to the man! Be deligent enough to calculate what it will take you to have another partner (wife) with you. When you begin to complain, it shows that you are never solid and steadfast as a foundation should be. Don't start blaming your partner for every failed decision.

3. As a man, house responsibilities such as food, rent, school fees and others are your direct responsibility and indirect responsibility of your wife. It doesn't mean, you share it, it means that there is a closer place you can always look to for help. Let your wife make contribution and not take charge of house expenses.

3. Instead of boisterous and rash judgment, seek to lead. When you lead, you take responsibility for actions not perfectly carried out while seeking suitable solutions. Rash judgment give rise to blame games.

4. As a man, you must always be Responsible. In another sense, we could say, be Response-Able. You must have that ability to respond to whatever you meet.

5. As a man, the way of maturity is yours for life. Maturity is a key factor to know who is a man. The way you handle issues, like, when your wife says, no more cooking since you have refused to bring money while at this point you've made her understand that you are out of cash but she wouldn't listen when in real sense she could afford to cook from her purse but she wouldn't. How do you handle that? Maturity!

For the wight of the house not to crash you and bring you down, you must:

1. Seek counselling always.

2. Be proactive while been responsible.

3. Share yourself with your partner. Living as a bachelor while married will sink you down to your grave. No more secrecy and cover ups.

4. Learn to not only share yourself or your problems but also doing things together. Pray together. Eat meals together. Laugh together. Sleep together.

5. Seek for informations from books and attend seminars. Don't do it alone. Attend seminars together. Buy two copies of a book you want to read and let her have one. Review each chapter finished together with your wife.

6. Be controlled! Don't go out of boundary to please your self or your wife by acquiring wanted but not needed materials. But don't neglect getting some of these wanted items! You can get them as gifts. Am sure you know the differece between Wants and Needs?

7. Generally, don't try to make anybody happy. Your wife, neighbour, boss or any other person, superior or inferior! Just Do the Right!

When you do these, you will live long!

When you live long, you will be happy!

You will be happy because you will enjoy life!

When you enjoy, others will definately feel the goodness that comes from you!

When you die, you will go to heaven!

When you go to heaven, God will be happy with you!

Happy soaring!!!