Sunday, 16 April 2017

My Inspiration Bank

All Hail Alphasoars!
Happy Easter to everyone. How was your celebrations and I hope Alphasoars' Chief is not left out in your celebrations, send my Chicken and Rice across oh.
Happy celebrations/Holidays as you continue tomorrow been Easter Monday.

Today we will be talking Inspiration.

Miriam-Webster tells us that Inspiration is
1. something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create
2. force or influence that inspires someone
3. a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something.

Going by the above meaning as giving by MW, influence is the driving force behind new innovations and creations. There are times when one's bank of ideas seems to be running dry.
When it seems you've lost control of your mental capacity and it looks like you are at the brink of quitting a one time fulfilling course.
That time when you pick your pen to write and discover you want to sleep more.
That time you are way-down than your real self, you feel depressed.
That time what is needed is a little 'push'. That time like the 'Christians' will say, you need the ressurection power to bounce back.

This push is better known as inspiration. Some know what and where they go immediately when it seems they lack inspirations to get inspired.
It is a process that says that you are Tired and almost Expired, then you Retire (to your inspiration bank) then bounce back in almost a fresh nature to Refire!
There are things or places where creative minds could get that push. It could be from Lone Time Meditation, Spiritual (God), Books, Songs, Artifacts and Nature.

However, I discovered that most persons that were creative in there various fields were inspired from negative influences from drugs, Alcohol, sex and spiritism.
A known English writer never wrote his best poem until he was under the influence of alcohol.
Addiction to these negative influences in a bid to get inspiration could be very dangerous because of the after effects that follows such engagements.
A private tutor once told me of an encounter he had with one whose inspirations were motivated by hard drugs.
*** He board a Keke to take him to school where he taught. The keke driver was a well dressed and clean looking young man.
They had gone about ten minutes into the journey and the driver started to plead with him, "Senior man, abeg make I go blow small". He was saying it and panting seriously while driven and shaking like a rat that has its tail lit with fire.
"Abeg carry me go school, am late" he told the driver.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Reuben Abati on 2017 Big Brother Naija TV Show

What a relief! So, the Big Brother Naija reality television programme is finally over. It ended Sunday evening with 23-year old Efe Michael Ejemba, University of Jos graduate of Economics and singer winning the N25 million + SUV at stake, with 57.6% of the votes from over 24 million voters across Africa. Warri, where Efe’s family lives, erupted in excitement. At the Multichoice viewing centre in Ikeja, Lagos, where Katung Aduwak took charge so brilliantly, there was a similar eruption of incandescent joy. I was relieved because for about 70 days, the Big Brother Naija show was a big distraction, crass capitalism at its most cynical edge, a source of unmanageable madness in homes and on the streets. Now that it is over, it is time for some honest frank talk for the attention of all stakeholders involved.

Let me start with the lessons, on a positive note, before delivering the blows. Lesson one: In a very instructive manner, the Big Brother Naija reality television show promoted the ideas of choice and people power at the heart of democracy. Televised across Africa, the viewers had the final say in determining who stayed in the house or left during eviction moments on Sundays. The votes were collated, audited and confirmed by Deloitte, a firm of auditors and thus, the viewer as the voter determined the outcomes. In that regard, a reality show of that sort promoted a consciousness of democracy, choice and influence and it further explained why the people from Nigeria to Cape Agulhas all the way up to the Mediterranean sea took fierce ownership of the programme. In a continent where power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and every access to power, fame and influence is seen as an opportunity to oppress and demean, whatever is done to promote a consciousness of choice and the civil society is laudable. Multichoice, thanks.
Lesson Two: in every business concept, perseverance pays. Multichoice has been running its Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Africa concepts for a number of years. Apparently, this year’s Big Brother Naija has been the most impactful, the most profitable and probably also, the most exciting. In one week, over 11 million persons voted to determine the eviction. In the final week of the programme, over 24 million persons voted – that is more than the total number of persons who voted in the Nigerian Presidential election in 2015. This year, Multichoice has made more money from the Big Brother franchise than it has ever done. The programme was sponsored by PayPorte, and with all the voting, and the money spent on recharge cards, Big Brother and Multichoice are the biggest winners. In the end, it is all about business and profit. Everybody has been used. In business, once you have a good, attractive product and you can capture the market, you can fool everybody and make profit. Multichoice, weh done - in Falz, the bad guy’s voice.
Lesson three: humility pays. At the end of the day, in the last week of the programme, the decision by the viewing public was a moral, sentimental one. The biggest star of the programme was, I don’t know what you think, TBOSS (real name: Tokunbo Idowu), half Nigerian, half-Romanian. She dominated the space with her Jezebelic antics, even got some of the male participants ousted by entrapping and outsmarting them with her sexual wiles. She projected herself as a sex object, the ultimate manipulator, the champion Delilah of the Big Brother Africa series. She even made a joke of the entire Big Brother concept by saying she didn’t need the money and if she won, she would spend it in two weeks to pay off debts, and in any case, she had men hitting on her, offering to take her on a ride in their private jets.

She played the role of a female barracuda.
Given her looks and talents, she would have been a perfect winner. She would have looked good on the billboards. But she lost because of her arrogance. Attitude is everything: this is the lesson of TBOSS’s disgrace and humiliation. When she was sent out of the House as the second runner up, the viewing centre in Ikeja, Lagos, including Kemen whose nemesis she was, danced in joy.
“They are taunting me?” she asked Ebuka, the anchor. No, sweetheart, they were making a far more serious statement about you. The melodramatic ending of Big Brother Naija 2017 is its only redeeming outcome. Bisola, the first runner up does not even have a degree but she showed talent and resolve, even if her whorish flirtation with Thin Tall Tony is so cheap and self-denigrating. Her One-Nigeria consolation prize is something big she should take seriously. Efe won because of his humility. He is considered the poorest and the most needy of the contestants. Patrons of the programme chose to vote for the contestant who looked and sounded like he would need the money and the opportunity. They gave him a chance in life, although the organizers must ensure that going forward, the show does not become a poverty alleviation scheme. Bisola came second because she too looked like she needed help. Debbie Rise and Marvis also made the finals, but that was meant to be a great compliment to their good conduct, but they didn’t have enough support to make it to the top. TBOSS is the main star who lost. I hope she was taken out of South Africa with a private jet or maybe a submarine! Beauty is not everything, baby.