Thursday, 27 July 2017

Services not Retail trading is key to surviving the harsh economy, Entrepreneurs' watch!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

How has the soaring gone, I feel steady progress. I have been hearing that some of our Excellencies have gone for a London based sightseeing or rather inquiry based visit to the Abuja house in London.
Good-luck to Nigerians. I don't really know what our country has turned into. Which one do we believe, our president is healthy and at same time receiving treatment or our president is hale and hearty but he cannot speak to his countrymen on a televised live video call. I am not a politician for now and I don’t speak for or against any Nigerian party.

The only thing I have to say is that anywhere he is, if sick I wish him quick recovery, if hale and hearty, let the Airplane that took him there bring him back safe. Udo!!!

Economy is bad, has been the lyrics from the most populous song we have been singing for the past 24 months. The economy really has had its toll on all. It is like the adage about war, in that it is ill wind that blows no one good. Businesses have closed and institutions that cannot bear the heat have parked up.
For every, problem in life I so much believe that there is a fruitful solution to it. It is just a matter of Knowing (Knowledge) and approach (Application).

We have had calls by agencies and pleas from the government for entrepreneurs to take over the economy as that will boost the economy and grow the country's GDP. That is however a fact that cannot be disputed. Entrepreneurship bothers on so many things and becoming one has got a lot of things to consider. As you consider yourself an owner of a business enterprise that either deals with goods merchandise or sell of services, you are already seeing yourself as an entrepreneur.

However, I have the following thoughts and contribution.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Laughs around the web . . .

We went through the web and found out why some people keep lolling every time, lemme show you some of them. We collected all of them from google since he is our friend, he gave it to us FOC.

Leggooooo . . .
This one funny oh.

Crazy questions we get all the times . . . so annoying
That is the #SlayMamas prayer request

Saturday, 22 July 2017

And if any man hunger, Let him eat at home!

All hail Alphasoar . . .

Howdy all. Hope everyone is having fun, knowing fully well that having fun and being happy is limited to a particular day of the week or month.
Today, we are at the door of our HealthCheck section. To our bachelors and spinsters, this post na for us oh.
Let Soar, shall we . . .

The greatest Apostle of the Bible, in one of his writings, gave us the post topic for today. At the time of writing his text, he was referring to people who come to take the Lord's Supper on empty stomach. He was advising them to eat at home before coming to avoid one or two reactions.
But on another hand, he was advising Us on a serious issue. An issue that concerns the body and soul. For us that are not married, we have one thing in common, Money plus Future. But we totally forget how to get money by taking care of our body.
Breakfast has been termed the best meal you could treat yourself with. And in the bid to get this treat, many people who cannot spend little time in their homes to prepare meals resort to patronizing road side food sellers. Like Paul the Apostle will say 'let him eat at home, it is highly recommended to cook your food yourself.

Hazards abound in taking in food that you don't know the type of environment it was prepared. Was the environment hygienic enough? So many road side food vendors do not take adequate care when preparing food the sell to the general public, so it is done anyhow. 
A story of teenager who developed kidney stones and it was discovered he developed the complications as a result of constantly patronizing a woman by the side of his school for food almost on a daily basis.

Today, the main subject is eating at home. Being a bachelor does not entail that you must be buying food everyday from other people whereas you could actually take out some time and prepare yourself a great meal. With my little observations, |I have also found out that eating outside of one’s home could be an addiction. And when it thus comes to this, where it becomes an addiction, the health of the individual is going to be at a great risk.

Basic Tips for Healthy Singles: 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


All hail Alphasoars . . .

Howdy all? Who else has been listening to the news lately? Our own dear Lai Mohammed, the Honourable Minister for Information and Culture has received many backlashes following his declaration that Nigerian trying to shoot their movies or music videos abroad will not enjoy a smiling face from the Federal Government.
"We cannot continue to go to South Africa or any other country to produce and then send them back to be consumed in Nigeria" was part of the statements credited to him on the issue.

I think the South Africa issue has got to do with the recently concluded Big Brother Naija that was hosted in South Africa which was supposedly a Nigerian thingy. Oh well, what do I know as regarding the entertainment industry. He has being largely criticized by the Entertainment industry key players.

My main talk today is not about what they are saying but something else I find very interesting and wish to share one or two of my views, still on the entertainment industry.

Some weeks ago, a popular singer released his album with title as mine. That's normal and overdue for his fans. Something caught my attention while browsing on YouTube and finding someone with name as Semah G. Weifur.

He has been a fan of the artist for some time now having in mind to meet him in person someday. it happened that earlier this year, the singer was having a tour in his country, Liberia. As his luck caught a better part of the argument, March 2017 he finally met in person his idol. He performed one of his songs live in the singer’s presence.

May 2017, about two months later he, Semah was in Nigeria to see his music idol. They had good moments. Funny enough, last week of June, the singer released his album and guess who was featured in the last track, Semah G. Weifur.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Designing for the Future

Design is the skeletal framework done by a designer that shows an intending structure. Of recent, many areas have inquired and adopted design abilities due to advancement in technology and science. The years are fast revealing many design varieties. We have moved from Pencil on Paper designs to 2D designs and then to 3D and so on.
These varieties of design have in time revealed to designers in different areas the ability to control an installation or a building before it is eventually built.
In this post, I will be focusing on buildings and architectural designs. So let us flow together. Shall we?
Design technologies have made designing buildings and architectural edifice easier. With this, architectural designs, if not properly observed will adversely affect the property owners and the environment in the nearest future due to many facts such as climate change, modifiability and maintenance of such edifices. The future taken into consideration, the following should constitute decision making guidelines.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Idiosyncrasies of Social Media

All hail Alphasoars . . .

How has the soaring gone? I hope good.

Social media has gone from communication to confusion. When Daniel in the Bible said, Oh Lord, to us belong confusion of faces" (Daniel 9:8), I think he was actually referring to this age. The time where what we see in the media is either the adulterated or fake of the original.

I joined Facebook in 2012 (guess so). I never thought it was something used not only for information and message sharing but for show of whatever nonsense one have got (food, cloth, property). Is this the real reason why Facebook was created.

As the days go by, we find that social media channels are becoming funnier and dirtier. It has been a means of many social vices which might not be committed in actually sense.

Respect died many years ago since we can always sit at the back of our mobile devices and use our fingers and insult our elders without nothing happening. This in real sense has made the respect known in Africa to just die. Where elders talk in real life and little kids will never show face, on social media it is entirely a different ball game. Youngsters engage in conversations never meant for them. Social media has degraded decent social interactions.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Country, How fah?

All hail Alphasoars . . .

It's been a while since our last post in here. I have issues that have been bothering me the past few days. The first one is that I can't find my president. The Nigerian president has been away for the past two months and no information whatsoever regarding his whereabouts.
I totally don't get it when our government cannot be accountable to the people that put them on the seat. Nigerian people are people that easily adapt to changes, no doubt. I think, that is why when they feel what they are doing is to the detriment of the people, they will still go ahead knowing the masses will in the long run accept it as their fate. Pathetic.

Secondly, our economy is not growing. What the heck is not happening. Empower citizens, they will not. Instead, they find two Keke, four sowing machine, three motorcycles and maybe some branded shirts and wheel barrows and they still has the guts to organise shows just to commission those silly item they bought for 'their people' and that also 'with the people's money'.
When you did a borehole and you celebrate. So you don't know you are supposed to provide water, electricity and other social amenities for the people. Okay, Ka'odiwazie!

Monday, 3 July 2017

It's Past Six O'clock

Time is really running fast and waiting for no one. I remember how I shouted Happy new year just 'yesterday' and then today we are half gone into the year.
Its past six already and we delivered some post on the blog. Let's check our diary . . .

January . . .
We wished ourselves Happy New Year here and moved on as America's first black president steps down for controversial Republican candidate. His last bow contains his last speech. The third post for January is a motivational one, SeeNoLimits and we left off discussing Diabetes, its meaning and prevention. Nigeria's political jamboree was discussed when we talked about A Likely Thunder.
In all, we had five posts for the first month of the year.

February . . .
I told you my blogging journey story when we talked about Blogging, the intrigues. I challenged all Alphasoars when we talked about Maximising 'the one'. We might have that one thing in us that might seem insignificant but when harnessed bring an explosive result. We then had the essay by Sir Alex Otti which was titled, Teacher, Don't Teach me nonsense. The next post was that of fun and humour, Please Come in Here lemme me epp you. Nigeria's telecommunication networks wahala was discussed and then Alphasoars blog listed its main objective and focus.

March . . .
Our first post sought to analyse home responsibility, we talked seriously about it here On Who Lies the weight of a house. The second is almost like it. It bothers on balancing a deficit relationship. So I ask, Do you know how to cure a deficit relationship?. You can know more from this post.

April . . .
The Big Brother Naija came to a close and one of the country's commentators had something to say. The post was written by Rueben Abati. Many people get inspiration from many places, both good and bad. I tried to expose the hidden danger in getting inspiration from addictive and dangerous habits here.

May . . .
Our politicians have not been helping at all. In this post we saw the backward state of our polity and the imminent danger we are been subjected to because of some persons selfish desires.

June . . .
Pretense is never good at any time, be sincere to people you meet around you and tell them how you feel. We talked about that here.
There is something about eating vegetables and pulses as compared to other things one might consider eating. We talked about that here.
Nigeria is got a good spirit, read here and find out about the spirit of Nigeria. Some person are too afraid to try new things, so I urged Alphasoars here to Please, press the spoil button. A controversial post went up here, where I was narrating about an act carried out in search of vengeance and revenge. Got some backlash though. Read that here.
Some folks go about their day to day activities with sad faces, they look forward to making connections but the can't. Read here and find why. The last post for the sixth month is the second part of the essay written by Sir Alex Otti. Read Here.

We had about twenty three posts for the first half of the year. We are expecting more.

Happy soaring!!!