Thursday, 24 August 2017

Short Story: Wahala X Palava

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Let us tell a short story today. Read below!
Audu has not been himself lately. He has lost his job and the signals from his home drags him back every time he was about to retire to his house after each unfruitful day’s adventure. For the very past few weeks, his chain of meetings had yielded nothing new to him except for frustrations and ill lucks.
His wife, Halimattu, has also had her own fair share of the forgoing and ongoing frustrations. In fact, the previous two nights, they had gone in without food due to harsh decision by her neighbour who sells food stuffs but refused to lend her items to prepare for the evening meal pending Audu's return from his journeys.

Chief Okanta has been faithful in advising Audu about how to go through life happy, lively and free but had never giving him any financial assistance. Audu remembers him and decided to try his luck today. He already knew full well of what Okanta always offers - unending advise and counseling.

"I have heard you perfectly Audu. Our relationship has lasted these past years, and cannot be despised no matter what. I won't bore you with another series of counseling since your disposition shows that of a dying hungry man in front of a hungry lion". Chief Okanta said after listening to Audu's tales.

"Oka, please just help me" Audu pleaded.

"Just so simple a task, Audu and I shall shower you with all you'll want in riches." Okanta started, "I shall give you enough help as I could but are you ready to do just a simple thing for me?"

"Anything, Chief"

"Alright, I shall give you financial assistance based on the number of wealthy people you know and have made friends with"

"Chief, you are sounding childish a bit, am dying already and you know it"

Monday, 21 August 2017

Airtel: Theft in the Morning!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Our amiable President is back into the country. He gave some minutes speech earlier today where he addressed the nation on mostly National security and which has sparked outrage and fury from the opposition. They expected him to tell the country how he will turn the polity overnight but for crying out loud Baba went for medical treatment, he wasn't attending Harvard Business School or some seminar of some sort. Give him time. At least twenty more months, lols: D.

I talked about telecommunication networks in this post. But today I have to call out one. Every team wearing red has something in common as it is that atom of instability.
Manchester United FC has kept their red jersey intact but since last two seasons, they have been dancing around the premier league table, like, first today, tomorrow sixth and next the bottom of the table. But we keep praying for them so that the legacy Sir Alex Ferguson left them won't be dead and forgotten in a rush.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Yet Again, ASUU strikes Nigerian Students!!!

All hail Alphasoars . . .

I nor dey happy at all at all. Just learnt in the news that our own very Academic Staff Union of Universities alias ASUU have gone on an indefinite strike. This according to the memo they released, is on the basis that the federal government has not been able to implement all agreement they reached in 2013 during the administration of the past government.

It is very painful to hear that in a country as Nigerians, none of her graduates will boast of a hitch, strike free four years of study in the higher institution.
Our resources, if harnessed are enough to take care of these issues that are always arising. I don't see a country that wants to succeed but won’t invest in the lives of the younger generations through education and providing opportunities for these ones to basic amenities for their self improvement.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Happy New Month

All hail Alphasoars . . .

Happy happy and happy new month to you all. Like play like play, 2017 is coming to an end. The question we are asking ourselves is, What have we been able to achieve? The goals we have set for ourselves, which have we been able to accomplish.

Looking back, we consider if we have been on the right track after all or have we loafed in vain by just existing and not living our lives as we aught. So as you go about your endeavours this new month, be sure to race on the right track.

Let me serve you some delicacies for the new month . . .





In August, Accelerate your Activities, and Account for your every Action.

Happy soaring!!!