Tuesday, 11 January 2022


Oga is the best politician around. Like other politicians, he also attends church services to do thanksgiving and see things for himself. Oga at the top is always on ground. If you are a citizen of Nigeria, you will know that this is a popular cliché with our very own politicians whenever they want to assure their followers, they will always sing the line, “We are always on ground”. And I will be asking, “If you are on ground, what are the things you are doing to make things works and be better than you met them when you came?”

In the book of job chapter one, the devil also went to service. He went to church or mosque or whatsoever you call your place of worship to present himself before God. Like people go to church on the first of the year or the first Sunday, Oga also went to worship God. He also told God this exact line that our politicians have become accustomed to. When God asked him why he came around and what he has been up to lately, Uncle said, “I have been walking to and fro the earth”. In other words, he has been on ground.

Our politicians will start campaign any moment from now and they will start walking up and down the whole place and shouting, ‘we are on ground’. I hope you as a citizen use your initiative when promoting these failed players. And that you will not be the one they will ride on to their next political agenda.

Let’s be wise and always at all times exercise our franchise. Be vote ready!

But in other news, why will God look at Satan that was minding his business and start asking him, 'have you considered my servant Job?'. Ah Ah. Why? But God should have left the young man who has been on ground but don't have anything doing. Let him be! But it seems, since God hates idleness and Satan has been idling around, He just wanted to give him small assignment. Get busy!

Sunday, 9 January 2022


As the Total Energies African Cup of Nations championship gets set to begin January 9, some of the issues arising have been that of frequent reports of COVID 19 and how it will affect the competition. This is not only the issue, part of it been that of manipulation of test results. Is this even possible? This question to some will sound awkward but for some others who know a bit of national politics knows that some things of this nature are not entirely impossible. While disruptions of matches will most likely not occur as CAF has allowed national teams to present twenty eight eligible players but when COVID test comes out as positive and the best players are at the receiving end, what happens? Some few skeptics are praying that we don’t witness series of abnormalities where COVID tests are manipulated against teams that are likely to do well and as well targeting key players in the squad.

Everybody hopes the aforementioned scenarios do not play out as it will spell chaos and disorganize the anticipated success that such a competition should produce.

An additional $1.8m as prize money has been injected into the competition by the organizers. This has raised the already known prize money to a reasonable extent and this serves as moral boosters to all participating teams to go all out and be their best. Teams who have won it once or twice like Nigeria will have all the point to prove as to why they will need to lift the prized trophy once again. And teams who have not lifted the trophy once will have to fight to the finish to make their outing count.

Competitions like this afford Africa the chance as always to prove their place in world map. It also helps us recognize and appreciate our stars that are doing well outside of the shores of the continent. It is a time to cheer, jeer and be merry. Let us also be responsible how we throw banters around this period.

Wishing Africa the best of competition.

Monday, 20 September 2021

REVEALED! The God to Whom everyone Sacrifices to Daily

In Africa, the traditional worship entails paying homage to some god's named after certain things like, natural phenomena. Natural phenoms like Thunder, rain and steel are easily associated to god's. Other times it could be named events like market days as seen in the south eastern part of Nigeria with names like Eke, Orie.

The thing about a god is that it will always require the servant carrying out certain obligations. First, they need loyalty. God in the bible stated this when he said, You will have no other gods beside me. He expects complete loyalty. They also need worship. Their servants and those who have devoted their times to whichever god it is must always find time and days to worship. 

The God who Christians worship prefers praise from a holy heart as requirement for daily sustenance while some other gods require daily or regular sacrifices and atonement that might require the use of fruits and sometimes animals.

The sacrifices or worship done keep these gods happy and for whichever divide you are, you must worship your god in anyway he wants.

There is another sacrifice that people perform daily. Some people will always deny the fact that they are always involved in some form of sacrifice or the other. Everybody does this.

This sacrifice is also the same with other forms of sacrifice that people perform to their gods. It keeps them happy. People go a very long way to look for things to sacrifice to their gods. The traditional worshipers look for goats and other animals to sacrifice while the Christians bring their first fruits and tithe to their places of worship.

I must conclude this write up now by telling you unequivocally that you have been making sacrificing everyday and that is why you are alive because you have made your little god happy.

The name of the god to whom you all sacrifice to daily is Stomach.

See you soon . . .

Monday, 6 September 2021

Four Important things Every Woman Wants In a Relationship

There are certain things peculiar to a group of persons. They engage in those things to seek entertainment, company and fulfillment. Children always want music, sing them lullaby and they'll crawl unto their beds and sleep fine. As with the children, so other group of people have things that give them peace of mind and satisfaction.

I want to briefly talk about four important things that woman always want and which many men neglect. In our age today, women tend to hide the fragility nature in them as they try to lay claim to the notion that they are equal to the men.

Given the above, one of the things every woman want from her man is the opportunity to express herself in every circumstance. Women no longer want to be boxed into corners where they will be assigned some inferior tasks. They want to feel their environment listening to them and taking instructions from them. So every man that want to make her woman happy has to give her that opportunity to be expressive wherever and whenever the opportunity calls. Don't try to send her to the room because you think their are important matters you need to discuss and which you think her opinion won't be needed.


Another thing she want from you is the ability to read you. Some female folks think some men intentionally make themselves difficult to understand. No, she want to be able to say "I know what my man wants". She will like to brag to friends that she knows her man in-and-out. Don't be too secretive in your finances and your spending.

The third thing she want from you is that you intentionally share responsibility. These responsibilities encompasses those things tagged women's work. Don't entirely neglect the kitchen department for her. Go to the kitchen as often as possible. Do the laundry without her asking at least once every week. When it comes to chores around the house, don't push them to her, do them as often as you can.

Finally, her emotional need must be paramount to you. In all the responsibilities you undertake, don't forget to always take care of her emotional needs. Compliment her often. Don't forget the names you were calling her when you were wooing her all of a sudden because she has finally agreed to date you. Buy her gift especially gift that are conspicuous that she can show off to her female friends at the slightest opportunities. Kiss her forehead!